Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Usage experience

The Yousuda Indoor bike is a vertical model with a branch that weighs the same belt as a rotating bike that you can find in the gym. The 35-pound flywheel is soft and flexible with a flexible pad that provides an unlimited range of resistance, making it suitable for people of any level of balance and training to be as easy or difficult as you want. It’s straightforward, with an athletic body posture and great height adjustments. Its display and control is simple, but it has accessories like a device shelf, bottle cage and pedal pools. We think this is a great option for those looking for a stylish bike ride at a reasonable price.

Assembly process

A very light and clear design was added to the set, so it didn’t take much effort to put the bike together. Pay attention to the auxiliary schemes in the manual, it further speeds up the process of assembling the bike. In general, the whole process takes about half an hour, if you follow the step-by-step instructions from the manufacturer.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike during its usage

The bike really looks very stylish, and its design is good not only in appearance but also in terms of functionality. Its steel frame is very strong, as stated by the manufacturer. The bike is very convenient to store inside the house.

The pedals of this bike are quite good at first glance, but it is difficult to say how long they will last. Since our experts do not use the bike for a very long time, we are talking about the user experience only in the short term.

The bike saddle is extremely comfortable. It can be customized specifically for each by selecting one of the 4 available options. However, it seemed to us that the process of adjusting the saddle could be made easier, because every time you want to change its position, it must be unscrewed and screwed back. So, if you are buying a bike for several members of your family at the same time, think about it in advance.

As for the steering wheel and handles, in principle, they seemed quite comfortable, but the foam on the handles probably will not last long. It is best to conclude after a few months of using the bike.

The bike feels very light and smooth while riding. It’s so convenient that you can even watch the series while you’re going somewhere.

Resistance adjustment works even when the bike is in constant motion, so it seemed very convenient to us, because you cannot stop to change the force of resistance. And because of its different levels, this bike is perfect for different people.

As for the display, we would not say that it differs in something special from the displays on other bikes in this price category. It performs all its basic functions, and that’s enough.

The bike itself weighs not so little – 30 kilograms, which is approximately 68 pounds).

Our final verdict – if you are not worried about the rather difficult process of adjusting the saddle, you do not weigh more than 260 lbs and want to get a smooth and easy experience of using a bike, feel free to buy this model. If you weigh more, we recommend you look at other models. In general, you will definitely get the best experience of using this bike for the home.

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