Top Robot Vacuums Reviews for 2022

Technology had made cordless vacuum cleaners to ease your life from the limits of space and movement. And now with the more development in technology has eased your life more and you do not even have to move to clean or use vacuum because you can just get the robot vacuum at your place and let it do its work while you will sit at the coach and can enjoy popcorns with Netflix. Read it to see which robot vacuum is compatible with your cleaning material and surface.

Robot Vacuums vs. Canister and Upright Vacuums

The robot vacuums are the latest invention so they are blessed with autonomous powers and are better than cordless vacuum cleaners. These robot vacuums have equipped with sensors, Wi-FI, lasers, and motherboards. They can easily move around your house without your help and will need you only during certain exceptions.

Most of the robot vacuums are even independent in the matter of charging themselves. You will just have to show it once the spot for the dock and then onwards they will themselves return to the spot for charging before fading away. After getting charged completely they will continue dusting from the point they had left. The robot vacuums can also be scheduled for the cleaning so to make them clean even in your absence. All you will need to do is empty the robot vacuum when it fills with dirt the rest of the tasks will be performed by it.

These robot vacuums do not use the traditional method of storing the garbage i.e. in the form of bags instead they have a dustbin that is easy to open and empty. They also contain a HEPA filter to avoid allergens from polluting the surroundings.

Roborock S4 Max

We have come up with the results after testing a wide range of Roborock vacuums from humble E20 to higher-end S6 MaxV. As the technology improved, Roborock opted for the new techniques and kept improving its latest models. But the best one among all of them is the S4 Max model. Here is the reason for categorizing it the best.

One of the best features of the S4 Max is the presence of Wi-Fi in it that makes it the most compatible robot vacuum especially in the respect of money. It can also map the route and can overcome the physical barriers and can detect the spot of the problem. It has the ability not to trip at the kitchen step. It has a long runtime of about 180 minutes that is comparatively more than others. It also has a larger trash can than others in this range.

iRobot Roomba i3+

the robot vacuums can be disastrous sometimes especially with your lack of attention. Although you do not need to interact with them more often but the trash can has to be emptied by you. So if the captured dirt exceeds the limit of the can that in most cases is 0.6 liters then the robot vacuum might not be able to carry on with its activity and in worst cases, it might start to excrete the dirt in your house.

This issue has been addressed by some companies including Shark and Ecovacs that have plugged in the autonomous emptying stations in robot vacuums. Amongst these robot vacuums, iRobot Roomba i3+ needs a great deal of attention over some features. Like it does not support the navigation feature nor it offers the overcoming of physical barriers that the middle-range robot vacuums offer. But Roomba i3+ can still spot the trouble areas on the carpet to clean them. The incredible factor in this robot vacuum is the presence of a self-emptying feature that it avails in 10 minutes.

iRobot Roomba S9+

This can be termed as the best Roomba because of its feature of having a slower side brush that makes it able to collect dirt without scattering the debris. But its D-shape had more features than just cleaning up the dirt.

This model along with i7+ are equipped with the ability to store debris for up to 60 days. The capacity of S9+ fills more fastly than others because it captures the tiny of the gunk from the floor. The S9+ model is capable to remember the layout of your house to clean everything neatly and return to its assigned position after 2 hours. It has a boosted suction power, wider dual rubber brushes, and improved airflow.

Eufy RoboVac 11s

This is the quietest robot vacuum that you can ever come across. No matter what the surface or the boosting power is it never makes disturbing sounds.

It uses a suction power of 1300 A to clean both carpets and hard floors. Its cleaning paths are not methodological but aimless bobbles. The robot vacuum is not efficient enough to detect the navigation of the room but it is intelligent enough to carry itself at stairs and do not drag itself in the corners. This is the most applicable kind of robot vacuum for small living spaces. This is named with S to show its slim design. It is 2.8 inches tall and can easily clean from the low-sitting furniture.

Roborock S6

Although the mopping function has vanished in robot vacuums but there is something more than pushing the water around. The iRobot’s spotty robomops are being replaced with Roborock’s S6. This is a noise-free robot that has a runtime of around 3 hours. It works by scrubbing the floor wet and then dry it fully. The suction power is adjusted accordingly and the laser scales are used for the navigation of the house for collecting the dirt. This cleaner is best for carpets, linoleum, and hardwood.

iRobot Roomba 675

Since Roomba 675 comes with a mobile application so it becomes easy for people to schedule the cleaning timings even when they are away from home. So, this is an upgraded model as compared to Roomba 614.

The robot vacuum is quiet and does not make any noise. It is inserted with the intelligence that makes it more efficient as it spend more time at your home. It can navigate the dirt on its own. It is also equipped with the technology not to eat the toys, or curtains, etc.

Neato BotVac D7 Connected

It becomes difficult to keep the autonomous robots in homes with children and pets but Neato BotVac D7 Connected can be trusted in this situation. They finish their task without making any mess with the children or pets.

They clean the debris by following the circular paths. It does have a noise expecially in case of Turbo mode it is quite loud. But if the floor needs normal cleanliness the Eco mode can be operated. It navigates itself because of the presence of 360 degrees laser scanning. It molds its shape when in need like in corners and in case of collecting plastic, etc. it scoots.

Shark IQ RV101AE

This robot vacuum was launched to compete with the iRobot’s trio of self-emptying machines. This is the best product of Shark. It is better than i3 because it can map the room to detect the route and dirt on it while i3 with the same price can not do that. Shark IQ RV101AE also has the feature of being at a sale of $100 almost all days of a year.

The Shark follows the snake-shaped pattern for cleaning and unclogs hairs and fur as it moves over them. In the beginning it does not have sharp mapping or navigation abilities but with time it learns the routes of your place. The bin has to be emptied within a month but i3’s bin could hold debris for up to two months.


There is a myth that efficient robot vacuums are only available at higher prices. But  V3s is an exception and you can get it in less than $160. So, if you want to have a dirt-free floor you need to get it to your place.

You do not need to maintain sharp expectations from it by comparing it with the high-end robot vacuums. However, if you imagine it cleaning your hard floor from dirt, pet hairs, and kitty litter then you will certainly be amazed.

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