Top Pellet Grills made by Camp Chef

It doesn’t matter if you are a real grill master or you just love to grill some food from time to time, as Camp Chef has models that will be suitable for any cooking purpose.

Read the information below to find out what are the 5 best pellet grills created by Camp Chef.

Read everything carefully to understand what kind of smoker you should choose to meet all your requirements mostly based on the number of people you want to feed. Besides, it is also important to learn more about some additional features, for example, hopper capacity, storage space, or temperature control.

Besides, one more advantage of Camp Chef is that the company works with the latest technology as it wants to make the smoking process completely automatized.

№1. SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill And Smoker.

This grill has Gen 2 PID temperature controller with a special ash can and hopper cleanout system. Besides, the grill can start working very quickly as it has an auto electronic ignition.

This grill has 2 racks: an upper one has a cooking zone of 141 square inches, and a lower one is 429 square inches. So as a result, the whole zone for cooking is 570 square inches but it also has a hopper capacity (18 pounds) and even a chamber capacity (3778 cubic inches).

It is possible to choose any temperature you need for the cooking starting from 160F and finishing with 500F; besides it is really not so difficult to use this grill.

№2. SmokePro Slide Pellet Grill And Smoker.

It is not very difficult to understand the main feature of this grill as it becomes obvious after reading its name: it has a slide and grill feature as a result of which you can not only barbecue or grill but also bake, roast, and braise. This grill also has a Gen 2 PID temperature controller and it includes from 1 to 10 smoke settings.

The auger feed is controlled automatically as a result of which you almost won’t need to do any efforts manually, as the temperature will be changed because of automatic maximization of the smoke. After you make your food and you are ready to turn your grill off, you should clean it properly and that is pretty easy to do with this grill as it has a special cleanout mechanism.

One more advantage of this modern grill is that it has a digital controller with 2 stainless steel probes that measure the temperature of the food that you are cooking.

№3. SmokePro SG Pellet Grill And Smoker.

This modern grill has a useful feature of an electronic auto-ignition, also it is designed so well that it is really easy to select the necessary temperature for cooking. One more great advantage is that this grill has a Dual LED readout that helps to measure the food temperature and the temperature outside.

Another thing is that there is not enough fire that comes from the firepot to create searing heat. However, it is not a problem as you can just use the temperature settings and choose HI there to get a temperature of 500F.

This grill is very convenient and truly innovative as it also has a louver plate in the package. This plate has special rows of slits and not just a usual solid metal drip plate. You are probably wondering why is it so, and the answer is that such a plate creates direct heating of the firepot flame.

One more feature of this grill is a new and convenient removal system that helps to clean the grill easier. There is a special trap door located right under the firepot, the bottom of this door slides back so that the ash created after cooking gets right into a removable can.

№4. Woodwind 24’’ Wi-fi Pellet Grill And Smoker with Sear Box.

This grill is not similar to the ones mentioned higher as it has an impressive feature: it includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth PID temperature controller.

Another impressive feature of this grill is that it has 4 meat probes that can check the temperature of 4 different kinds of meat at the same time. There is a digital LED readout that shows you the temperature as a result of which you get the full information about the cooking process.

There is also a PID temperature controller in this grill that allows to set up the necessary temperature. That also helps to control how much smoke flavor will be in your meals, as you just need to choose the smoke number from 1 to 10 where number 10 is the strongest one.

№5. Woodwind 36’’ Wi-fi Pellet Grill And Smoker With Sidekick.

This grill also includes WiFi and Bluetooth PID temperature controllers. It is possible to choose the necessary temperature starting from 160F and finishing with 500F degrees so you can enjoy slow cooking or prepare your meals really fast.

Such a grill just like the grill mentioned above has WiFi capability so you will be able to control everything using your smartphone.

The cooking zone of this grill is unbelievably large (1236 square inches where the primary cooking zone is 663 square inches). This Camp Chef grill has a full-size upper grate but you can remove it without any problems.

If you decide to purchase a package of this grill you will also get several additions there: adjustable legs, a hopper cover, cord wrapper, upper grate rails, a front lid handle, bottom shield, and a chimney. And the great thing is that it’ll take only 1 hour to set everything up by yourself.

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