Top George Foreman Grills of 2022

The George Foreman grill has gotten so popular over the years with almost 100 million units sold around the globe.

This sleek and portable fat reducing grill is now an essential and must have machine in many kitchens and dormitory room all over the world.

 Even though its popularity could be attributed to their celebrity endorsements, the grill on its own draws attention and has stolen the heart of many meal lovers.

Most grillers do not make use of this grill because of its style but if you live in an apartment or a small home and you do not want to make use of gas or charcoal grill then this grill is the perfect grill for you.

#1 George Foreman 5 Serving Multi plate Evolve Grill System

This grill is my #1 because it is an entirely new version of the original George Foreman of 1994. Most electric grills cannot produce good sear marks and sumptuous crust during steak prepping unless they attain a very high temperature.

The George Foreman evolve grill had a searing option that allows up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. It also has 3 huge cooking space of about 75 square inches with provides enough space for cooking food.

The Ceramic Grill plate can be removed if not needed. The ceramic plate can be used in grilling bake pan or muffin for some recipe and meals.

#2 George Foreman 4 Serving Plate and Panini Grill

This is an ideal grill for people on budget who wants a good and efficient grill. It has a cooking space of about 60 square inches with a removable grill plate.

Removing the grill plate while cleaning helps you to clean more faster and thoroughly. It is advisable to get a George Foreman that has removable grilling plate since it makes cleaning more easier and faster.

This grill is perfect especially if you are on a budget, it offers the same grilling experience as the Evolve grill but on a much lower price. It can efficiently grill or Panini press.

Things we like

Sturdy and Non-stick coating

This grill has a very strong and long lasting coating than other grills with nonstick coating. It can be cleaned easily and thoroughly removes every oil or debris on the grill.

Fast heating process

A typical 4 Serving Grill can heat up food more faster than any other grill within its price range. Hence it is an ideal grill for fast cooking and fast meal preparation.

Removable grill plates

Almost all George Foreman Grills has grilling plates that can be removed. This particular 4 serving grill is not an exception and can be easily removed and inserted. You can also use dishwasher to clean the grill since it has no effect on it.

Height can be adjusted

The hinge of the grill can be adjusted to about 1 inch. This perfect for large sandwiches and large pieces of meat as well as vegetables.

#3 George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric grill

This particular grill is perfect for feeding large groups. It can be used indoors( your apartment) or outdoor. If you were thinking that George Foreman only produce grills for feeding small groups then you are wrong.

This grill offers a whopping 240 square inches grilling surface which gives more room for large meals. It has a stand where you and your family can circle around while waiting for your food to be ready.

Even though you can use all George Foreman grills outside your home, this particular grill is designed mainly for outdoor grilling.

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