Top AfterShokz Headphones Review in 2022

All Aftershokz products are based on the concept of bone conduction. This is the almost incredible ability to apply vibrations to the head’s bones (usually the temporal bone), which interacts directly with your inner ear to produce sound, completely bypassing the outer ear, including the eardrum. However, this means that the outer ear is still open and can also hear ambient sounds. This creates the unique benefit of the open design of bone conduction headphones. But are they worth buying?

When it comes to bone conduction headphones, just AfterShozk comes to mind. This company has acquired a comprehensive title in bone conduction technology. We have reviewed the few headphones from AfterShokz to help you choose the best bone conduction headphones from Afteshokz at the lowest price. Follow these comments and choose the one that suits you.

1) Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Open Ear

AfterShokz Titanium is designed chiefly for outdoor running, gym, and jogging. People praise it and are against it, but in most cases, it’s perfectly acceptable. They perform best in a quiet environment. When used in the office, listening to the vibrating sound while listening to music is exciting.

The sound quality is not much good as regular headphones. The biggest problem is the bass. This is not because they don’t have low-frequency sounds, but they feel more than heard but resonate through your jawbone.

And if you increase the volume to a certain point, the vibrations will increase because they seem to be dominant, and these headphones cannot make that loud noise.

Moreover, they are very easy to use. This pair of wireless headsets initially has Bluetooth, and you can set it up with your mobile phone.

2) AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones

During the trip, isolation is not a good thing as you have to understand both worlds. But it is not well in all situations: when you work in the gym, you have to immerse yourself in the environment’s noise. However, if you’re running in an urban setting or driving on a busy street, you need to hear those maps and people around you if you don’t crash.

Trekz Air’s open sports earphones can not only isolate noise but also have intrusive earplugs. Most manufacturers insist on adopting technologies that emphasize noise isolation and cancellation. AfterShokz open earphones are changing the trend by offering bone conduction technology.

The Trekz Air wireless earphone pair can be quickly wrapped around the neck, and the manufacturer claims that these earphones will not damage the bass. Price-wise, they are neither expensive nor cheap so that they can be affordable. People with a limited budget.

3) Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Headphones

BluEZ offers accurate and clear sound characteristics in the mid-range. The frequency of these headphones is expected to be 1-4 kHz. The weakness of this headset is the bass. The low frequency drops sharply around 200Hz, making hip-hop music sound vague.

The Bluetooth connection makes it a more robust headset that can easily maintain a perfect connection with the iPhone 5 or any 2.0 port compatible smartphone within an operating range of 10 meters.

AfterShokz BluEZ can do its job perfectly, that is, deliver excellent audio to the audience without hearing outside sounds. While they can’t replace standard wireless earphones with these earphones, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of dual consciousness in skiing, cycling, and running. Therefore, people with an active lifestyle may find this headset very suitable for them, and those looking for stereo and strong bass should stay away from this headset.

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