TOP 8 Chainsaws of the Year 2022

There are always only but 3 options in the market if you are looking to purchase a new chainsaw, and those options are corded electric chainsaw , gas chainsaw, or Cordless electric chainsaws.

Chainsaws that are powered by gas are usually the smoothest and effective, and it is also cordless but there is a lot of noise maintenance to deal with while using a gas-powered chainsaw. On the other hand, corded electric chainsaw are usually cheaper than the gas models but not as powerful while cordless electric chainsaws requires a rechargeable battery in which you need to charge before using the chainsaw, they are usually used for minor jobs as the battery might not last long enough for heavier jobs.

But it is very important to consider safety as top priority when getting yourself a chainsaw, A lot of chainsaws in the market have been designed to limit certain kickbacks and also carry out other safety features like chain brakes, blade cases, and anti-vibration technology. Adequate maintenance of these chainsaws will ensure hazards, as well as not putting on loose clothing or by using the end of the blade to saw.

We have saved you the time of having to consider these things as there are wide range of chainsaws and have narrowed it down to just 10, so below are our picks of the best chainsaws of the year 2021.

Best Overall/Electric: Makita UC4051A Electronic

This particular corded chainsaw has a sufficient amount of power considering it is an electric chainsaw and not a gas model. It has a bar of about 16 inches which is powerful enough to slice through big logs and limbs easily. The speed of the chain is about 2,900 feet per minute.

This chainsaw also features a rubber handle, and is very simple and easy to start, also an automatic chain oiler, and an inbuilt current limiter that helps to prevent the motor from burning out.

The ease of using this chainsaw is one that you will most definitely appreciate, and the power is also adequate considering it is not a gas model. In terms of weight, just little over 15.5 pounds, which is quite heavy. And as a corded electric chainsaw you know that you’ll need to connect it to a power outlet, so its preferable to use on the outdoors

Husqvarna Rancher460 20 inch Gas Chainsaw

Provided you are searching for a chainsaw that can be used for very heavy duty then this chainsaw is the one for you. Husqvarna, widely known as one of the best chainsaw makers.

This particular Husqvarna product the Husqvarna 460 as the seen in the name has a 20- inch bar and a remarkable 2 stroke, 60.3-cc engine which is capable of producing up to 9,000 rpm.

The Husqvarna 460 does not vibrate as much as other gas models, hence it uses less fuel and has a low-emission torq engine. Also, thanks to its  air-cleaning system, air filters tend to last longer.

With the chain tensioner which is mounted on the side, and an ergonomic handle, this chainsaw is very easy to handle and use and not to forget the smart start system that saves you a lot of time which you will spend trying to start the engine,

Echo Gas 18 inch Chainsaw (two stroke cycle)

Are you looking for a chainsaw with maximum power? Then the Echo CS-400-18 is perfect for you. With its 18-inch bar and 2-stroke 40.2-cc engine It can with great ease slice through any piece of wood it comes in contact with.

It features an automatic oiler, a side-mounted chain tensioner, an air pre- cleaner and a heavy duty air filter.

Gas model chainsaw are usually hard to start but this particular chainsaw is different, as start-up is quite simple and straightforward, it also does not weigh much, only a little above 10 pounds without any fuel inside but yet still robust enough to carry out any task you might have.

The Echo 18- inch gas chainsaw comes with a 5- year warranty provided it is not used for commercial purposes.

 Worx electric 16 inch chainsaw (WG303. 1)

Provided using a chainsaw that is corded isn’t an issue for you , then the WORX WG303.1. It features a 16.5 inch bar and a 14.5 amp motor. It is very effective and efficient in all aspects from, speed, usage and handling.

Also features an ergonomic handle, automatic chain tensioner and oiler. It is very fast, and gives you extreme balance while using it. The weight is also reasonable, weighing at about 11 pounds.

The WORX WG303.1 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Best-Budget/Gas: HUYOSEN 18-inch Had Chainsaw

The HUYOSEN 54.6 cc 18-inch Gas Chainsaw, is very reliable and effective, with sufficient power to handle almost every job you have for it. Though it might not have enough power to cut hige oak tree but its 18-inch blade makes pruning of tree limbs, saplings, and brushing very easy.

Unlike other gas models that are difficult to start, this particular chainsaw starts by just the push of a button. Thanks to the automatic oiler the chain and bar are always in a good state after each task.

It is extremely versatile and very easy to handle, this chainsaw is apt for trimming and running of trees. It weighs about 20 pounds so it won’t cause much strains on your arms after use.

Greenworks 20362 Cordless 10 inch chainsaw

This cordless chainsaw has a rechargeable 24-volt lithium-ion battery with a 10-inch bar.

It features tool-free tension adjustment, an ergonomic handle, an automatic oiler. The 24-volt lithium-ion battery fully charged can last to cut about 35 cuts of thick branches or boards before prompting you to recharge again, and this takes approximately 45-50 minutes.

This chainsaw is not ideal for heavy jobs but it is very efficient and effective in tackling smaller jobs, it has a weight of about 8 pounds making it suitable for individuals of great strength and those with limited strength.

It comes with a 4-year warranty.

Best Rechargeable: EGO Power+ 14-inch CS 1401 Cordless Chain Saw

This cordless chainsaw unlike others has a surprisingly higher amount of power and can do more task than quick, light-duty jobs that the cordless chainsaws are known for.

Its 6,300 rpm motor is powered by an impressive 56-volt lithium-ion battery. It features a 14-inch bar, a low kickback design with a chain brake, also features a adjustable tension, and a high-efficiency brushless motor. It is relatively heavier than other battery models, weighing at 14 pounds

The battery when fully charged can effectively make at least 1 cuts, and charging doesn’t take so long to complete. It can cut logs and trees up to the size of a foot, not bad for a cordless chainsaw.

It comes with a warranty of 5 years. While the battery itself has a warranty of 3 years.

Greenworks Cordless 16 inch chainsaw

This Greenworks cordless chainsaw is an upgrade from their corded models, the upgrade been the absence of a cord.

It has sufficient power to cut through thick stumps with the help of its brushless motor. This chainsaw produces 30% more torque compared to most chainsaws within its range

It features an automatic oiler which helps to make it last longer by maintains the chain and blade. It also has a longer battery life so you won’t  need to be recharging often and on, sometimes in between tasks. With less vibration this chainsaw causes less fatigue after use.

But unfortunately the batter and the charger doesn’t come with the chainsaw so they have to be purchased differently.

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