Top 5 reviews on GoWise Air Fryer for 2022

You’ve probably heard about GoWISE, USA if you own a bathroom scale, a pressure slow cooker or an air fryer. Founded on the policy of making environment-friendly products, this company came into being to help you save time and improve your living standard and style.

Now that you’re introduced with the GoWISE brand, why don’t you take a look at some of their excellent air fryers. These products have gained a lot of attention in the recent past and now you have access to a lot of options for health-conscious, oil-free frying.

1.GoWISE GW22958 Air Fryer

GoWISE’s GW22958 is one of the best air fryers on our list, and is a 5-quart machine made to prepare multiple meals at the same time with a lot ease. Its air-frying mechanism eliminates the requirement of adding fats or oil without removing the original flavors.

Additionally, its handle doesn’t get warm either since most of the heat stays inside the chamber to cook the meal properly. This means that you can use the device multiple times every day without overworking its motor.

One thing about it is that the paint might wear out after a short time because of the level of heat that it handles. However, that doesn’t mean that the food inside will get affected in any way. It will always stay healthy and nutritious.

2. GoWISE GW22921-S Air Fryer

Probably one of the smallest units in its series, the GW22921-S only has 5 quarts of goodness and is also probably among the most stylish air fryers that GoWISE has in its inventory. It is good to look at, simple to operate and has an easy digital control panel along with a plus-size handle.

The unit is offered in four different color schemes in order to offer maximum range for you to match it with your kitchen’s interior. In terms of performance, you can improve a lot in using the manual time and temperature settings.

On top of that, the buttons located on the handle might just drop off, making it almost impossible to cook anything. GoWISE also offers returns or replacements.

3. GoWISE GW22638 Air Fryer

If you’re searching for the perfect GoWISE air fryer for dorms or single-person application, your quest is over. The GW22638 is everything you’ll ever require to air-fry, steam up, and barbecue meals to your liking.

It has a motor powered by 1400 Watts and is available in several different colors. Some other specifications, from temperature range to maximum timer options, are identical with what you’d see in some versions, but anyone leading the solitary life won’t be left out.

The GW22638 will get corrosion if not used or maintained properly, so allow it a brief wash and rinse — this will immensely increase its lifespan.

4. GoWISE GW22731 Air Fryer

The GW22731 is an excellent choice for groups of three to four individuals. Since it is operated electronically, there is a really small risk that you might adjust the countdown or heat improperly. The presets even perform flawlessly!

You’ll rarely find food traces sticking to the base of a container with a nonstick covering. For fast and simple washing, all removable sections of the GW22731 can be put in a dishwasher.

That being said, you can sometimes detect a pungent smell emanating from the GW22731. To keep it from seeping into your meal, reduce the cooking temperature.

5. GoWISE GW22621 Air Fryer

The GW22621 is a basic yet stylish and compact air fryer that could really cook several meals for small numbers of people simultaneously. The interactive app, like that of any other GoWISE air fryer on this list, makes it simple to pick cooking presets and cooking times.

Besides being a simple, entrance air fryer, it will still be extremely flexible, with 7-level presets options and a maximum cooking temperature of 400°. Even so, it does not include any extra parts, so you may have to get them individually in a separate manner.

Furthermore, the GW22621 should also have been improved—it has a poor, plastic-y design that is reminiscent of low-quality air fryer versions.

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