There are many reasons to have a generator on standby whether you’re at home or on a work site or on an outdoor trip. It is especially ideal for areas that are experiencing power outages or shortages due to a natural disaster or harsh weather conditions. Even beyond such extreme cases, power outages can and do happen. In 2017, about 36.7 million Americans experienced power outages and if this statistic does nothing else, it shows how crucial it is to own a generator.

Kohler is a world renowned brand that manufactures generators and it stands out from other brands by providing an extensive array of generator enclosures, including corrosion-proof types.

1. Kohler 14RESAL-100LC16 14000W

The 14RESAL-100LC16 14000W is a high-quality home generator and its price range makes it even more of a best-value-buy.  It is an air-cooled generator that runs on your home’s natural gas or liquid propane, which means it doesn’t need refueling and can power your home in 10 seconds. In the event of a power outage, it automatically comes on, because of its 100-amp, 16-circuit, indoor automatic transfer switch.

This home generator is one of the best on the market. It is corrosion-proof and can tolerate severe blizzard or seaside conditions. Even in natural disaster situation, it is a reliable power source.  The 14RESAL-100LC16 14000W comes with a 2,000-hour limited warranty which really puts the cherry on top of this robust efficient machine.

2. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS

This standby generator is air-cooled and a reasonably priced power equipment that can last through power outages of a few hours or even several days. Although 20000 kilowatts is not the maximum energy or power capacity available on the market, it works perfectly for a mid-to-large sized home. With its PowerBoost technology, it can effortlessly power large appliances and without affecting smaller devices.

The 20RESCL-200SELS runs on liquid propane and natural gas from your home. Its response time is 10 seconds. It is also built with steel to tolerate harsh weather and dipped in an electrically applied paint coating to prevent corrosion. In addition, it comes with a premium five-year warranty.

3. Kohler PA-PRO90-3001-PC

This Kohler generator is affordable, portable, reliable and long-lasting. It has Kohler’s Command PRO engine, which means it can produce the needed power to run appliances as well as tools on a job site or in a home. It also comes with an auto-idle down feature that enhances fuel efficiency while lowering noise output.

With only half a tank of gasoline, you can get 11 hours of use from the Kohler PA-PRO90-3001-PC. Even though it has to be hand-refueled, its Accu-Fill feature makes refilling quick and easy. It also offers additional engine safety as it shuts down the engine when oil is low and has ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets that can identify unstable electrical currents. The run-time is always shown, and indicates when an oil change or spark plug/filter change is needed.

4. Kohler PA-PRO75-3001-MX

The PA-PRO75-3001-MX by Kohler is portable, affordable and offers an output of 3000 watts of 120/240Vac power. It can be used on a work-site, during an outdoor events or while camping. It can easily power up any tools or appliances you require.

This generator comes with an Accu-Fill feature that enables easy and secure refueling. It also features an Oil Sentry that shuts down the engine when oil is low. The ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets can identify when the electrical currents are unstable and consequently switch off power. If the multiple features seem overwhelming, the generator makes its operation simple with its remote valve configuration. Also, the premium three-year warranty offered by Kohler ties it all together and adds extra value for your money.

5. Kohler 38RCLB-QS1 38000W

The 38RCLB-QS1 38000W is a powerful standby generator that can tolerate the harsh elements and comes with a corrosion-proof enclosure. It is durable and ideal for natural disaster occurrences. It can power your home in as fast as 10 seconds and runs on liquid propane or natural gas.

To make its operation even more convenient, this generator has a RDC2 controller made to administer switch commands and generally manage the generator. As a result of its acoustic insulation and internal silencer, the 38RCLB-QS1 38000W runs very quietly.

In addition, this solid generator comes with a five-year premium limited warranty. If you have a big house with a lot of large appliances or a small commercial work space, the 38RCLB-QS1 38000W by Kohler is a great choice.

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