Shark vacuum-cleaning robot

Shark vacuum-cleaning robots are compact, innovative models of vacuum cleaners that effectively clean your floor and mats while you relax.

Different models of Shark robots are special in their own way, but there are several features that are common to all of them: Wi-Fi connection, touch panel, large battery, and power. To choose the right model of robot vacuum cleaner, you need to analyze them all and decide which one will best meet your needs.

What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

Battery life

It all directly depends on the amount of space you need to vacuum regularly. If you have a large house, you need to look for a model that can work for a very long time. The capacity of the battery also affects the quality of cleaning, because when the vacuum cleaner has a low charge, it becomes worse to clean. On average, a vacuum cleaner that can work for an average of an hour is ideal. If your house is very large, look for more powerful models. The battery capacity of each model is always presented with all the technical characteristics.

Garbage container capacity

Here it is important to understand the following thing: the smaller the capacity, the more often you will need to empty the trash. Most Shark robot vacuum cleaners have a container size of 45 quarts. Again, this depends on your personal circumstances and the characteristics of your home.


If sometimes you need to clean yourself by hand, and sometimes you want someone else to do it for you, then you can buy one of the models that is easily transformed from a regular vacuum cleaner to a robot vacuum cleaner.


Pet characteristics

Shark has models of robot vacuum cleaners that are designed specifically for pet owners. They cope well with the garbage left behind by cats and dogs, as well as with their fur scattered throughout the apartment. Also, those vacuum cleaners usually have a self-cleaning brush, so you do not need to do it yourself.

Touch panel

The vacuum cleaner does not crash into objects, but goes around them, which makes cleaning even more efficient. If your house has a lot of furniture and other appliances, then you will definitely like this feature.

WiFi and voice commands

You can install the appropriate application on your smartphone and control the vacuum cleaner directly from the phone. Most importantly, do not forget to connect the vacuum cleaner to your home Wi-Fi network. This way you will be able to turn on the vacuum cleaner remotely, even if you are not at home. Or use voice commands to control it.

Remote control

By the way, the robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled not only when it is connected to the network. Many models have a remote control that allows you to manage the cleaning schedule.

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