Grilla Silverbac Review (Pellet Grill)

One of the strongest and well designed grill available in the market is the Grilla Silverbac pellet. The first pellet grill designed by Grilla was made available in the market around 2010.

It was popularly known as the original Grilla.  The Silverbac grill took over the Shape of the normal horizontal grills and as indicated by their site, it has gotten a new product added to the patriarch of the Grilla family.

Simple to use

Grills that use gas as their power source are very easy to use. This one of the main reasons why so many people prefer gas grills. You only need to use the knob feature to regulate the temperature just like the oven.

If you are worried about purchasing a pellet grill, I can confidently tell you that they are much easier to use when compared to gas grills. You can also control them easily since they do not require any level of expertise before you can use.

If you purchase your pellet grill from a manufacturer that actually knows what he’s selling, then be rest assured that your grill would last for a long time.

Cooking and grilling

I’ve been using the grill for over 10 months and since then I’ve cooked different types of food ranging from hamburgers to chicken thighs and breast. I’ve also cooked steak and smoked brisket and hams using the grill.

While cooking hamburgers or steak, the PID mode 1 feature allows your grill to keep the temperature without adjusting it on its own. If you are about to smoke briskets, you can set the Standard mode 2. This will allow your grill to produce more smoke which would enable you get your desired outcome.

During cold winters, the grill can perfectly maintain its temperature without having issues as a result of the cold weather.

Cleansing and upkeep

My father once told me that grills tend to last for a long time if they are properly taken care of. This implies that it is important to read the care guidelines of the grill so as to clean the grill carefully and frequently.

You need not worry about how to maintain your pellet grill since Grilla puts much effort in providing detailed information about cleaning and maintaining the pellet grill. Since I’ve used a pellet grill in the past, I had an idea of what I was going to get.

Even though page 14 of the care manual has a detailed explanation of how to maintain and care for your grill, there are parts of the manual that are somehow unclear since they do not know exactly what you want to cook or smoke.

I always make sure I clean my grill after every 3rd cook. This should be enough for little meals such as chicken or steak.

If you are cooking something that takes much time or large meals, then you need to clean more frequently so as to prevent your grill from being dirty and unkempt.


The Silverbac is a good grill and there are so many reasons why people invest in it. Since I’ve  been using this grill, I’ve not had any problem with it and neither have I changed a thing from the grill. The Silverbac performs exceptionally well and very efficient.

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