Actual guide for the best 6 Blackstone grills

Blackstone’s priority is to create the best quality of their products, as it is essential to make the cooking process satisfying and comfortable. If you are only a beginner and not a professional chef, these grills are perfect for you as it is pretty easy to understand how to use these grills. Besides, some Blackstone grills are portable which is a great advantage for those who love to travel from one location to another and cook there. However, people who are really good at cooking using grills can use Blackstone ones as well, as they have many advantages like special features that allow making meals even more delicious. In case if you want to purchase a grill that already has a griddle, Blackstone can help with that too, as there are many models like this with useful features that can make the cooking process even better.

1. Blackstone 36’’ 1554 station flat-top grill

This grill is 36 inches, it includes 4 burners and the flat top griddle station. Such a top is definitely perfect for making yummy cheeseburgers. It won’t be a problem for you to install this grill and then to start preparing meals there. This grill works using a battery, so you won’t need to spend extra time and money using charcoal or propane tanks; just press the button and your grill will be ready to start cooking tasty dishes.

2. Blackstone 28’’ outdoor griddle cooking station

This station that is 28 inches is perfect for people who enjoy cooking and chilling outside. This grill was created right for such situations and it is a perfect way to organize a party and cook enough tasty food for many people. So it is not a coincidence that grill lovers rank this station really high. Such a grill has 2 burners that can be run independently and work using the propane tanks. This grill is totally perfect if you love to enjoy summer with friends or family eating some tasty grilled meals.

3. Blackstone 22’’ tabletop portable griddle

Such a Blackstone grill is 22 inches, it is tabletop and it has 2 burners. Besides, it is 330 square inches. So all the characteristics make this grill perfect for transportation. It is 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches but its weight is only 32 pounds. In case if you are wondering what is the heating power of the grill, it is a 24000 British thermal unit and its 2 burners are H-style.

4. Blackstone 36’’ stainless-steel griddle

This Blackstone model that is 36 inches and is stainless-steel can be a wonderful choice for any type of event starting from some family dinners finishing with huge events. If you need to organize a party, a picnic, or literally anything outside you can use this grill to serve tasty food to your friends or any guests. One more advantage of this grill is that its cooking surface is pretty large, so it is possible to cook almost anything here.

5. Blackstone grills tailgater with 2 burners and griddle top

Such an unusual grill is 52 x 24 x 38.5 inches while its weight is 75 pounds. The interesting upgrade of this grill is that it has adjustable legs, so it is possible to unfold them when it is necessary. This model is ideal if you are a tailgating lover if you are always up for a trip. This grill has many additions to set up, so you can use it not only as a grill but also as a griddle or even a stovetop, so you can be sure that you can cook almost anything.

6. Blackstone 3-in-1 kabob charcoal grill

 This grill is not similar to the ones mentioned higher, as it is the only grill that works using the motor and actually looks like the traditional grill for barbecue. Its top includes black powder as a result of which it is possible to endure high heat. Such a grill is truly long-lasting so you’ll be able to use it for many years, as  it is made of steel material covered with black powder which is durable, so you will save money and time if you decide to purchase this model.

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