7 Charcoal Grills Worth Buying in 2022

Honestly, who doesn’t like beautiful food with a smokey flavor that doesn’t cost a hand and a leg? From hamburgers and hot dogs to pulled pork and pizza, you can make it all at your home by using a charcoal grill. Not only does it make finger-licking yummy food, but it is also cheaper than the pellet or gas grills, so you can enjoy delicious food anywhere without having to spend a lot.

Charcoal grills are easy to operate as compared to gas grills. They comprise of a container for burning coals, lids, and racks. Like every other product, this too has several models that are better than others. The unlimited options available in the market can be really intimidating, so we have researched, tested and compiled for you a list of top brands best for home use.

1. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – The Editor Choice

Whether it is your first time buying a grill, or you are just bored from the last grill and want to try something latest, the original Weber Kettle will not disappoint you. This 22-inch charcoal grill is not only the best charcoal grill you can buy but also the most affordable that costs you less than any latest models. Also, it is easy to assemble and takes less than 15 minutes.

The grill is spacious enough to hold up to 13 burgers at once and is well equipped with a porcelain polished maximum heating bowl and lid. We have tested the grill with everything from pineapple to pork, and we found it to be the best choice for both the beginners and the pro cooks.

You can also monitor and adjust the inner temperature of the grill by using the pre-installed lid thermometer and dampers. The grill features a hinge that allows you to add more charcoal during the cooking process. Also, to keep the top of the grill from touching the ground, it can be hanged onto the angled lid hook.

The one-touch cleaning feature of the grill allows for easy cleaning of debris and ash into a removable ash catcher.

2. The Firepit and Grill

The Firepit is a two in one grill that can grill your food when used with charcoal and create a campfire when used with wood. The grill comes with two metal grates serving different purposes; one is used to hold the charcoal or wood, and the other to be slide on the top as the food grills. It is a user-friendly grill with brilliant exteriors. The meshed body allows the user to peek inside the grill as it creates incredible floating fire effects.

It is equipped with a powerful fan that ignites the fire with air blows and eliminates the excessive smoke that gathers in the fire pit. A rechargeable power pack is attached at the sides that powers the fan, which can be operated via the unit or an app. The USB port charges other devices as well, like your phone or outdoor string lights. With a full charge, the power fun can work for 5 hours at MAX speed and 24 hours at LOW.      

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Tabletop Portable Charcoal Grill

This portable charcoal grill is not only effective for tailgating, but also for cooking burgers and grilling the food in your backyard. This charcoal grill has a strong steel body with cast gates to deliver scorching hot and tender meat. It has a spacious cooking surface that can handle up to 10 burgers at once.

Another incredible feature is the charcoal tray that can be adjusted according to the height and has fixed settings for varying heat levels. The grill comes equipped with a professional temperature gauge, an easily removable ash pan, and air dampeners that support the airflow within the grill.     

4. The Original PK Grill & Smoker

The Original PK Grill and smoker, as the name suggests, is a combination of both smoker and grill. It has a capsule shaped body and four venting systems that account for easy cooking experience using direct or indirect heat. The exteriors of the grill are made up of sturdy and lightweight aluminum. The unit is attached to a cart shaped body with two side shelf that serves the purpose of storage and food prep counters, respectively. The 300 square inch space of the grill contributes to a pleasant cooking experience. Additionally, the hinged lid allows you to attend to the food without worrying about where to put it.

This grill has all positives but one single downside to it. The grates have flush ends that make it possible for the food to slip off while rearranging or flipping.

5. Kamado Joe Classic II Charcoal Grill

The Kamado charcoal grill is a stunning piece that can be used as a grill and a smoker. It has an 18-inch ceramic grill and a tower-style ventilation system. The thick walls of the grill allow it to store as much smoke and moisture. The grill temperature ranges from 225 degrees to 750 degrees and can be monitored via the built-in lid thermometer. You can also cook multiple foods at a time, thanks to the unique height-adjusted half-moon shaped grates that come with the grill.

The grill is placed over a cart-shaped body with four locking caster wheels and two side tables that provide extra space for kitchen utensils. Also, the grill’s lid is easy to open due to the carefully designed hinge that holds it.  

6. Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

All the charcoal grills that we have discussed so far are simple to use. But this one right here, due to its extraordinary features, is convenient to use rather than simple. One of the additional features is a propane-powered ignition system, which allows the coal to get lit easily and quickly and sustained for a longer time. Also, the built-in timer enables you to rest as the food grills.

The grill has a 22-inch kettle that offers a broad cooking space. It also has a storage bin that protects the charcoal from varying weather conditions. The one-touch modern cleaning system allows for easy cleaning via a removable aluminum ash catcher. Finally, the grate system of the grill is multi-purposive, meaning it can be used with the Weber Gourmet BBQ System cookware collection.

7. Weber Go Anywhere

A portable charcoal grill covers it all; beaching, tailgate, camping, and all. It gives you the ease of spacious cooking, provide flavorful food, and delivers for a bunch of people while being light and small.

Weber goes Anywhere is the perfect option when searching for the best charcoal grills. It has all incredible feature that makes it a classic option, such as adjustable dampers, porcelain coating, and spacious cooking area.

All these features are enclosed in a 14 pounds body. So, it is a “go anywhere” grill that is easy to carry. It is one of the grills we can personally vouch for.  

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