6 Finest Roomba Vacuum for 2022

No doubt, the best robot vacuums available in the market are manufactured by the famous iRobot. But today, we are going to focus on the finest Roomba produced by iRobot. To date, Roomba has made almost half a dozen Robot mops and vacuums that are available in the price range of $150 to $1000- and more.

These robots are equipped with all kinds of latest features, for instance, multi-floor mapping, smartphone controls, self-emptying dustbins, and whatnot. To help you choose the one fitting your needs, we have compiled a list of the best Roombas available in the market. Happy Reading!

1. iRobot Roomba 960

This Roomba model is well equipped with the two things that vacuum lovers crave: (i) Advanced Features and (ii) Budget Friendliness. If you are a pet lover and do not want to spend a good fortune on a vacuum cleaner, then your hunt ends right here. Roomba 960 is well equipped with a rubber brush system, specifically designed to clean the furs and whiskers around your house.

Like Roomba s9 and i7, Roomba 960 also possesses advanced camera navigation. Since the Robot has Wi-Fi connectivity, it uses the iRobot app to methodically wipe your floor and store the map of the areas that it has cleaned. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the map or add no-go zones to it but, it allows you to choose spots where you would like the bot vacuum to multi-clean. This feature will help keep your pet favorite rug-bed clean.

2. iRobot Roomba i7+

Historically speaking, Roomba i7+ is the first vacuum cleaner introduced in the market equipped with a self-emptying dustbin. It works by capturing dust into the small disposable vacuum bags that need to be replaced after 30 minutes. This Robot vacuum is a dream-come-true for individuals with allergies and aversion to dust.

The Roomba i7+ is a mapping robot that uses internet connectivity to clean your rooms while avoiding the obstacles like food bowls and trays.

You can also customize the cleaning schedule and adjust the mapping according to your floor plan using the Roomba App. It can save the map of up to 10-floors while providing you with the chance of customizations. Also, it synchronizes well with the Braava Jet M6 pop, like other Roombas. As soon as the bot vacuum completes the job, Braava will start the mopping. Isn’t it fascinating?

Roomba i7+ is not a budget-friendly option, but the prices have started dropping since iRobot has introduced the latest s9 in the market.          

3. iRobot Roomba 675

Not all Roombas costs a hand and a leg. So here we are presenting you with a budget-friendly option that is “The Roomba 675.” Do not worry since it works as exceptionally as the others on the list. This bot Vacuum has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled using the iRobot app, which means that you no longer must turn your house upside down while finding the remote. You can use the app to schedule cleaning and set up virtual walls, so your bot does not wander into the no-go areas.

Not only does it perform well, but it looks well too. The exteriors are a mix of matte grey and shiny black. Since Roomba 675 does not possess mapping features, you might have to move it from room to room or your target areas, and to make the carrying easy, iRobot has built a solid carrying handle in the bot.         

4. iRobot Roomba s9+

Here is the most awaited one: “The Roomba s9+.” Honestly, it is one of the best vacuums we have tested so far. It is specifically designed with the idea of elevating robot vacuuming to the human level. The aim is to provide the vacuum with artificial intelligence, so it knows which place in the house needs more cleaning than others. It also has a self-emptying base that limits its exposure to dust. Set it up and relax, but do not forget to empty the vacuum bag now and then.

The Roomba S9+ has a D-shaped body that facilitates cleaning along the sides and corners of your home. The body of the Roomba s9+ contains a brushed bronze disc attached in the center with black plastic around it. The bronze disc glows up as the vacuum starts cleaning, which makes it look more appealing.  

5. iRobot Roomba i3+

This vacuum is the most wallet-friendly option out of all. It has a self-cleaning and self-emptying feature, which means you do not have to run to the dustbin very often. How convenient, right? This bot vacuum works exceptionally well; however, it will not pick up the fur on your carpet.

It can be connected to smart home devices and can be operated by the iRobot app, google assistant, and Alexa. It allows you to create a cleaning schedule, but it is not capable of mapping individual rooms, like other Roombas. We would recommend you buy it if you do not like to clean your vacuum after every use.     

6. iRobot Roomba e5

The iRobot Roomba e5 has features like Roomba 675 but the looks of the expensive i7. It has black exteriors and bright green roller brushes. Also, this vacuum has internet connectivity and can be controlled via the iRobot app. You can use the app to create a cleaning schedule; however, it does not offer a mapping feature.  

It has high-efficiency filters and a washable dustbin. It is an incredible option for deep-house cleaning without having to spend too much.

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